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bowleryoyo is a personal project to promote yoyo and skilltoys in the world and also in my own country, Indonesia. I'm doing reviews on yoyo and skilltoys products, publish videos, make some articles, interviews, and even tutorials or just plain and simple photos.

As in reviews, I'm trying to review yoyo and skilltoys products as objective and comprehensive as possible, but I'm just an ordinary man afterall, so don't expect the to be the absolute true ^^.

I write bilingually (Bahasa Indonesia and English) for all reviews and updated news and in Bahasa Indonesia for local issues.

I would love to discuss on yoyo and skilltoys, all its products, players, figures, and updated news, or perhaps you have a contest or product needed to be published or reviewed, so feel free to contact me via :


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It’s written on the back of the package:

"Do not attempt to diassemble. Doing so will damage counterweight"

and accidentally i did TT, and i cant make it light up again because there’s a tiny transparent plastic stick that used as the switch went missing when i drop it

Di kemasannya ada tulisan : “Do not attempt to diassemble. Doing so will damage counterweight”. dan itu bener banget. waktu gue maen dan dicenya jatoh (setelah berpuluh puluh kali lho), dicenya tercerai berai dan hilanglah salah satu part yang bentuknya batang plastik transparan kecil buat switch on offnya, jadi aja dice ini dah ga bisa nyala lagi TT

Well, let bygone be bygone, and here is the spec for the dice :

weight = 9.74gr

size = 21.40 x 21.40 x 21.40mm

as expected, the feel is kinda light and hollow, unlike the other duncan dice, but still nice to play especially with lighter yoyo (under 67gr).

and try not to drop it too often

kalo dilihat dari specnya, keliatan lah kalo dice ini agak enteng dan feelnya hollow, tapi masih enak buat dipake apalagi dengan yoyo yang enteng. tapi inget ya, jangan keseringan jatoh ^^.

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